Friday, October 26, 2007

Baby Cuteness

This morning I was rewarded for all the hours of training Baby G I have put in so far. I am nowhere close to being done training her but this morning I saw wonderful progress. Babies are so good at finding little things that we seem to not realize are there. This morning was no exception. She found a little something - I still do not know what it was - hard on the coffee table. That I of course did not notice even though it was the only thing on the coffee table. As expected the first thing she was going to do was put it in her mouth. She looked at me, I gave her a firm look while shaking my head no, and she put it down. YEAH! She is learning what I have been teaching her! I was starting to get discouraged with training her and then she surprised me with obedience.

A few other cute things she did today.

Tried to wipe my nose after I wiped hers.

Tried to feed me her French toast.

Picked up a piece of fuzz off the floor and gave it right to me.

Smiled sweetly.

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