Thursday, March 6, 2008

13 Things I need to do

It is noon here and I just got out of the shower. I have accomplished pretty much nothing today at all. The kids have all done worksheet independent work are are now outside having recess. I took a shower during baby G's nap and while the kids were doing their worksheets. So here is my list of 13 things I really need to do today but probably won't get to. Why, this list? Because I have no other thoughts today but this list, it is growing as I type and I think I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed. I am sick with a cold and so I am not getting any sleep between that and Baby G still not sleeping through the night. (Any ideas? Moms who have had this problem? I have let her cry for 2 solid hours once and that was so hard and accomplished nothing.)

  1. Put new filter in my vacuum cleaner.
  2. Vacuum the living room and hallways.
  3. Unpack the office supply box that is sitting next to the desk that I have now rummaged through so many times nothing is in any sort of order.
  4. Strip and wash my son's bedding.
  5. Scrub the kids bathtub.
  6. Unpack the box of dessert dishes that is sitting in the corner of the dining room.
  7. Clean the Brita cooler and fill it so we have clean water to drink.
  8. Clear off my desk. - It is in a very sad state and some stuff slipped off today because it is so bad.
  9. Organize the hallway bookshelf.
  10. Pull out Baby G's clothes that she has outgrown.
  11. Make pancakes to freeze.
  12. Make tortillas - we are out and this is a staple in our house. Maybe at this point I should buy them even though they don't taste nearly as good.
  13. Make dinner. - Okay, so I am sure I will do this otherwise we won't eat or get stuck with take out.

I probably won't get to all of this because there is so much more that has to get done first. However, if I get to accomplish even one of these things today, I will be so happy.


  1. I am tired just reading your list! *grin*

  2. I think you may need a "Friday Frantic List" Catching up on all the unaccomplished Thursday Thirteen list! LOL.

    But really, I hope you can accomplish some more tasks.

    I am praying for you!

  3. I'm tired just from reading your list. LOL You are making me think about my list just by reading yours. I need to get busy!

  4. if I posted my list of need to do......I would need a couple of pages.......LOL. I am so behind cause we just got over all having the flu and I have NO energy........NADA, zilch, zero. The kids have oodles of energy though........LOL LOL LOL

  5. Today it's a little encouraging to read your post (in a sad sort of way). I'm wondering how I can coral all the children so I can nap - RIGHT NOW - 10:00 in the morning!
    Instead, I'll probably keep pressing on until after lunch.

    Will you give up your tortilla recipe?

  6. You've been tagged :)
    Come by and see the rules at:
    I hope you don't mind, If you don't want to participate I understand. Have a nice weekend!

  7. Imagine my surprise when I arrived to tag you and someone beat me to it! Well, maybe it's the same game - you can kill 2 birds with one stone (if you're up to it!)
    Find the rules for mine here -
    Homemade Blessings

    Hope you feel better!


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