Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Weblink Wednesday - Lapbook Resources

I started a new adventure in my homeschooling this week. I started a unit with lapbooking in my mind. I had learned about lapbooking when my oldest was a baby and then completely forgot about this great way to do unit studies. I clicked on a link to a lapbook site last week and it jogged my memory. So this week we started a unit to lapbook.
I want the kids to know the Bible not only in their hearts but in their minds and I haven't been doing the greatest of jobs teaching them the Word in a way where they can be able to quote a verse when needed to defend their faith. They all love Jesus and they are all learning what it means to be Christ like but they aren't memorizing scripture like they need to be and we are not faithful in reading Scripture to learn in an academic sense of knowing scripture. So to change that I decided to do a lapbook of Genesis.
Here are some really great websites I found for lapbooking ideas, templates, helps and some of these sites have FREE lapbooks for those homeschoolers who need a little more help in the creativity department.

Lapbook Lessons - Has videos of lapbooks you can watch to see how she puts hers together and what her kids put in their books. And so many resources I cannot list them including some free lapbooks.

Homeschool Share - Has free lapbooks, and templates for different folds for mini books and other page elements for you lapbooks.

Making Books with Children - a great place to learn how to make some really cool books for any reason. Even if you are not into lapbooking this site is neat.

For more great homeschool links visit SoCalVal at Homeschooling With Encouragement.



  1. I love these links, lapbooks are so much fun :)
    Have a great day!

  2. This is great! Love lapbooking. Such good sites you mentioned. Thanks for participating this week in Weblink Wednesday. I think this is such a great week for resources.


  3. great links, I have handwriting resources today.

  4. I love lapbooking! We just got into last year and my boys are loving it!

    I had all the sites but Lapbook Lessons so I am adding that to my favorites!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. These sites look like a lot of fun. I'm especially interested in the Making books for children site. Thanks.

  6. I love Lapbook Lessons and Homeschool share! They are great sites for lapbooks!


  7. Perfect timing! I'm also considering our first lapbook and needed some resources to check out! Thank you for sharing these. :0)


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