31 Days

The past few years The Nesting Place has hosted a fun series called 31 Days during the month of October. It is such a fun series and I love the challenge.

 31 Days of
Creative Homeschooling
October 2013

This year I am learning how to homeschool more creatively. It's a whole new ballgame for this momma with a high-schooler, a junior-higher, a 6th grader and a 2nd grader. I am learning how to teach everyone to their fullest potential while keeping my sanity.
Day 1 ~ Creative Homeschooling  - Intro
Day 2 ~ I Heart the Library - The library is not only a spectacular place to get books.
Day 3 ~ Letting Go of the List - Learning to let go of my plans so the kids can pursue theirs.
Day 4 ~ Writing it All Down - You will be amazed at how much they learn when you aren't teaching them.
Day 5 ~ Extracting Colors From Leaves - A very fun fall science experiment that almost any age can do.
Day 6 ~ Bible Memory - Romans 12:10 Thinking about missed opportunities at showing honor.
Day 7 ~ Volcanoes on Sunday -  How Little G made her volcano.
Day 8 ~ Apple Unit - A link list of resources for an unit on apples for more than just preschoolers.
Day 9 ~ A Cool Science Resource - A link to a great resource perfect for the Periodic Table
Day 10 ~ Knowing When to Take a Break - We all need to take a break sometime. Knowing when to time them is the hard part.
Day 11 ~ Creative and Intentional Homeschooling - It's easy to be intentional when the kids are young but when they get older you have to be a bit more creative.
Day 12 ~ Homemade Watercolor Paint - This paint is easy to make. The kids loved using a paint that they made themselves.
Day 13 ~ Immeasurable Sufficient Grace - We all need grace.
Day 14 ~ Taking A Break - Don't feel guilty about taking time off.
Day 15 ~ Using Games in Your Homeschool - Games are a great way to reinforce learning.
Day 16 ~ When it is Time to Change Things Up - What do you do when you need to change up the routine to keep going? Here are some ideas.
Day 17 ~ Bible Memory and Language Skills - We use Bible verses for more than memory.
Day 18 ~ Learning on Our Week Off - Just because you aren't "doing school" doesn't mean learning isn't happening. If you write down what everyone did throughout the day, you will be surprised at the learning that has taken place.
Day 19 ~ Seeing the Benefit of Rest - After taking a week off to rest I noticed we are so much more productive.
Day 20 ~ Oral Reports in Homeschool - The learning that takes place in preparing a report isn't the only benefit.
Day 21 ~ Pumpkin Unit Resources - While the traditional month for studying pumpkins is October, we do our study every year in November.
Day 22 ~ Finding Rhythm in Your Homeschool - Our rhythm changes with the seasons. Have you discovered your rhythm?
Day 23
Day 24
Day 25
Day 26
Day 27
Day 28
Day 29
Day 30
Day 31

31 Days of
Homeschooling Adventures
October/November 2012 

Homeschooling is a great adventure, especially in our house. I am always trying to come up with new ideas to keep our learning time fun and exciting. We use textbooks but more often we use unit studies and lapbooks, games and activities, experiments and living books, and the Bible to learn. Here are 31 posts about our homeschool adventure so far.

Day 1   - 31 Days of Homeschooling Adventures Intro
Day 2   - Homeschooling and Textbooks
Day 3   - Homeschooling at the Library
Day 4   - Apple Unit Resources
Day 5   - What School Room?
Day 6   - 8th Grade Homeschool
Day 7   - Walk in Truth
Day 8   - Language Lessons
Day 9   - Learning Niches
Day 10 - Teaching Piano
Day 11 - Seize the Learning Opportunity
Day 12 - Grocery Store Math
Day 13 - 7th Grade Homeschool
Day 14 - God's Grace
Day 15 - Peace in the Chaos
Day 16 - Homeschool When Life Gets in the Way
Day 17 - Field Trips
Day 18 - Field Trip Survival Guide
Day 19 - 5th Grade Homeschooling
Day 20 - Boardgames & Learning
Day 21 - Folder Games
Day 22 - Chromatography Lesson
Day 23 - Elections, Ancient Rome, and Foosball
Day 24 - 1st Grade Homeschooling
Day 25 - Christmas Planning 2012
Please note that the next links are not technically in the series but earlier posts about homeschooling. They are some of my most popular homeschooling posts. I became so extremely busy that I was unable to keep up with posting during October and after November slipped away in a quick blink I decided that it would be better if I just added these posts to the list.
Day 26 - The Incredible Egg
Day 27 - Human Body Unit Study
Day 28 - Lapbooks & Tot Books
Day 29 - Pumpkin Theme Unit
Day 30 - Folder Games
Day 31 - Vinegar & Baking Soda Rocket

 31 Days of
Lessons in Mommyhood
October 2011

Mommyhood is a place where I have learned so much about myself and about my Lord and Savior. Really God has taught me so much through being a mommy than I can ever have time to write down. Here are just some of the lessons I have learned about being a mommy and about who I am in Christ. I know that without God I would fail miserably at being a mom. 

Introduction ~  Lessons in Mommyhood
Lesson 1  ~~  Be Moldable and Teachable
Lesson 2  ~~  Crocodiles and Dust Bunnies
Lesson 3  ~~  Walk with Daddy
Lesson 4  ~~  Heart Reflections
Lesson 5  ~~  Watch Your Words
Lesson 6  ~~  Be Flexible
Lesson 7  ~~  Wisdom is Essential
Lesson 8  ~~  Don't be a Nagging Mommy
Lesson 9  ~~  Seek Wisdom
Lesson 10 ~~ Mommy's Need God's Word
Lesson 11 ~~ He's Still Working on Me
Lesson 12 ~~ Laugh Out Loud
Lesson 13 ~~ Have Patience
Lesson 14 ~~ God's Love is Limitless
Lesson 15 ~~ Choose Joy
Lesson 16 ~~ Mommies Need Rest
Lesson 17 ~~ Pumpkins and our Heart
Lesson 18 ~~ Time Flies When Your Busy
Lesson 19 ~~ Mommy's Strength in Exhaustion
Lesson 20 ~~ Be a Lighthouse
Lesson 21 ~~ Mommy Confidence
Lesson 22 ~~ Super Mommy
Lesson 23 ~~ Know When to Just Go to Bed
Lesson 24 ~~ Just Keep on Growing
Lesson 25 ~~ An Act of Worship
Lesson 26 ~~ Love and Obedience
Lesson 27 ~~ Enjoy the Here and Now
Lesson 28 ~~ Mary and Martha
Lesson 29 ~~ God's Plans are Better
Lesson 30 ~~ Obedience with Reckless Abandon
Lesson 31 ~~ I'm Not Done Learning

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