Friday, November 16, 2012

1st Grade Homeschooling

I realized I hadn’t showcased Little G for the 31 Days series that is sadly extending for way beyond October. But such is how life happens when one is a mom of four busy kiddos. 

Meet my 1st grader.  Little G is full of crazy energy and is constantly on the go. A basic lesson of any type does not include her sitting still at the table or a desk or even on the couch. She is in constant motion and doesn’t slow down. Her attention span is short, and she is very distractable. In order to get anything done, we do really short lessons that include a lot of moving or breaks. The other day we did her lessons while she was sitting on a giant bouncy ball. She remembers everything we talked about even though I was sure that she wasn’t retaining a word I said for more than a second.

Many days our learning revolves around the questions she has. She loves to ask questions about how things work. So many days we spend time exploring her questions and discovering the answers. She challenges me to be intentional in what I do each day so that I am teaching her in the way that she learns best. Nature is her language. What I mean is she comes alive while studying God’s creation. I have never seen anyone so alive while on a nature walk. She loves animals and loves learning about them. She seems so free while we are out and about. 

Learning how my children learn and relate to things has made me not only a better teacher but more importantly a better mom. Even if you don't homeschool, figure out how your children learn and what interests them. You will be able to make more heart connections with them when you explore life through their eyes.

I participated in 31 Days along with over 1,000 other bloggers hosted by the Nesting Place.
What happens when life gets in the way of blogging?
Posts that were supposed to go up in October being posted in November.

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