Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Weblink Wednesday - New Free File Folder Game Resource

This week I am so excited to share a new site! It is called File Folder Fun. There are two parts to this site. One, where you can become a member (for free) and gather lots of ideas from other moms and teachers and the other part of the site is filled with free printable file folder games! There is a huge variety and it keeps on growing.
If you want more folder games I posted about other folder games here and here.
For more great homeschool weblinks pop on over to Homeschooling With Encouragement for Weblink Wednesday every week.


  1. thanks for the reminder of this site! I have been there before but it has been awhile and it got buried in my favorites. :)

    thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the rest of your week. :)

  2. What a fun link!!! I'm so sorry about getting around a day late - my computer is acting up like crazy. Thanks for participating in Weblink Wednesday.



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