Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's Only Tusday?

I have had a crazy day well, week so far. Tuesday, that is, as according to my clock it is officially Wednesday. Anyway, Baby G decided she would not grant me another night of sleep and was up at 4am. Ugh... Then my day just got crazier, we have a mouse (well okay I wouldn't really say that, a mouse decided to move in without our consent) that decided home would be above the sliding door in the dining area of the kitchen. How do I know its exact location? I SAW IT EAT THROUGH THE WALL!!!!! Yes sorry did not mean to, um, yell but really, I saw it. Today, it decided it was going to take over the entire dining area ceiling. We called pest control, hopefully they will be her tomorrow. I did tons of laundry today and chased Baby G everywhere trying to keep her from getting into things. Then we went to the library where we found a book written by a friend of the family. I am so excited about this book, it is really good too. I cannot believe it was in the library; mostly just kid books are donated to our library so to have a new book for grown ups is way cool and to know the author is even cooler. Then off to Target to pick up diapers and candy corn. Yep, candy corn is my favorite fall treat okay actually it is in my top three because pumpkin spice lattes are my ultimate favorite treat. So, I had to go to 3 different stores to find candy corn this year and it was worth the search. I even found chocolate candy corns. They are not as good as the original but they are chocolate and yummy.
Oh, so yummy!

Baby G enjoying some.

Then tonight while Daddy Reg - my hero - was at work, I was getting ready to upload pictures from the camera and the monitor went out! I went without the computer for five whole hours! Seriously, it was only because I had stuff to do that it seemed longer than that. However when my hero got home, he fixed it. I love my man. °Ü°

Oh, and I had to get curtains this week for my kitchen. Daddy Reg has been working a temp part time job at the university and the other night; I swear someone was watching me! I immediately called my very good friend who was over here in like 5 minutes, (She lives just blocks away.), and she stayed with me until Daddy Reg got home. So, we bought some cheap but very functional and cute curtains for the kitchen window so I will not have that problem again.
My new curtains

Anyway, that is just some of what I have been doing and frankly, I am exhausted. How about you?


  1. That was such a fun post Mommy Reg! Except that you are obviously tired cause you left the "e" out of Tuesday is the title, and the "e" off of "here" later in the post. lol

    It was fun to listen to you adventures...and it's only halfway through the week...ugh!

    Tell that Baby G to stop growing up so fast...k? She is irresistable and I can't get enough of her! lol

    Keep up these posts. It was awesome to have a fun read tonight. Oh ya, and I am so glad Daddy Reg fixed the monitor...what would we do with no computer!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love, love, love you!

  2. Cute curtains!!

    And I am so sorry about the mouse! We live in the middle of farm land and fight mice every spring. (Our great big Maine Coon Cat did an admirable job of taking care of all of them, but he was hit by a car last summer...we'll have to get another cat before spring).

  3. So sorry about the blechy, yucky mouse!
    I so glad that your husband has a job for now even though temporary. God is so good to provide our needs.
    Your curtains are cute!
    I hear you about the candy corn. We love that treat for fall. They have to be the ones made with real honey. :)


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