Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Homeschool Adventures at Bedtime

There are times when I start to question if I am teaching everything to the kids. I get worried that I am missing something profound that they really need to know. I don't know why I beat myself up like that. I know many homeschooling moms have the same thoughts about how much is getting covered.
Last night, while we were getting the kids in bed we let them choose two books. Every night they get either one or two books to read before lights out. Usually Little Man will just read the chapter book he is in the middle of until it is time to turn out the light. Last night he decided to read the Student Atlas of North America and a college algebra text book, my silly man. I did not realize until it was time to turn the lights out and he informed me that he was studying. I asked him what he was studying and he told me that he was studying geography and algebra. Oh my goodness, talk about your bedtime story.
I realized that I was teaching them what needed to be taught - how to get information on their own. I am not just spoon feeding them information for them to regurgitate later. I am teaching them how discover things on their own. And I am giving them a love for learning and knowledge. So much of what gets taught, gets forgotten. Think about all the times you crammed for a test only to forget the information when it was time to put the pencil down. I am not fooling myself though. I know that they will forget stuff they learn, everyone does. If you don't use it, you loose it. But, after last night, I am no longer worried. If I forget to include the feeding patterns of the mongoose, they will look it up on their own if they are curious. At least my little man will, as he has taken a liking to reading college text books.
Oh and encyclopedias, I cannot tell you how many times the kids sit around an encyclopedia just to see what it says about someone or something. If you don't have encyclopedias you should get some, they are a priceless necessity in any home.


  1. That is so wonderful that he likes to learn!
    However, Algebra is not my idea of a good bedtime story. LOL

  2. I can certainly relate to that feeling of am I teaching them everything that they need to know. And, it's moments like these to remind me that I am. You're absolutely right, we're teaching them how to learn.

  3. When I was young we had a set of encyclopedias, I LOVED to read them. I would just pick a subject (preferably one with lots of pictures of puppies and such) and read, read, read.

  4. Last night, he pulled the algebra book out again. It is was too cute. I started reassessing if I have him in the right math level. Were doing Saxon 54 right now, but I am starting to debate whether or not I should just put him in the next one up.
    Sheri, I did the same thing when I was a kid too. I loved our encyclopedias and read them all the time. I loved the subjects with lots and lots of pictures too. :)

  5. OH, that is wonderful. YOu have taught them the JOY of learning and that is priceless!! I agree about the encylopedias. A good friend gave us a set and they have been great sources of info for the kids. They look things up quite a lot.I have missed visiting with you on your blog. My computer has been acting terribly bad the past few weeks.
    I hope you have a great week-end!

  6. What an encouraging post! I really feel those questions lurking many times. Thanks for the encouragement!

  7. Thanks so much for the advice and encouraging words! You are a a such a blessing! I needed that. :)

  8. I miss your blogging! Been busy lately? :)


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