Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Happy Wife...

Have you ever seen a dam where the water is just released? The water rushes so quickly as if unstoppable. As wives and moms, when we do not hold our tongue, we open that dam of strife. So many times the things that bother us can just be "let go" and we can move on with our day. Instead, so often we choose to open the dam allowing the enemy in to do destruction like an out of control flood of dissension. 

Women control the mood in the home. Like the sayings go, "If mama ain't happy no one's happy," or, "Happy wife... happy life." As women, wives, and mothers it is so important for us to hold our tongue and keep the flood-waters of strife contained so we can stop it before it starts.

Proverbs 17:14
To start a conflict is to release a flood;
stop the dispute before it breaks out.

The Mommy Mess
This post was originally written in June 2008 and it is just as true now as it was true then. I am linking up with Adrienne at The Mommy Mess for #goinggreen and recycling my old blog posts.


  1. I think it can go both ways- there are times when what needs to be said is very important to the health of my family. And there are times when things are better off being let go!

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.
      I agree there are times when saying something is important. But when what will be said will just cause strife or the way we say it causes strife and is not actually productive then we should hold our tongue. This is especially true when we say things in the heat of the moment. We don't want to say something that will start the flood of conflict, but address the issue with love and grace. I was just taking the verse to mean don't say something when it isn't a big deal and will just start a fight. :)

  2. This is the second verse from Proverbs I've happened across this morning. Thinking I may need to pull my bible out to do some reading.

    I agree with NJ that some things should be said. We should choose our words carefully in and outside our homes. Being able to say what is needed, when it is needed in just the right voice is our gift should we "choose" to use it.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment.
      I love it when God nudges us by way of more than one person mentioning something. Proverbs is a book that I can always glean from.
      Yes, it is important to choose our words carefully and our tone. I think that this is what the verse is really addressing. Issues must be addressed but we must address them with love and grace and not start conflicts that are not necessary.

  3. Oh yes. Holding my tongue is no easy task.


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