Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Weblink Wednesday - More Free Printable Folder Games

I have noticed that my post about Folder Games gets a lot of hits. So this week I have decided to post some more links for Free Folder Games.

Christian Preschool Printables - This site has Biblically themed games. You have to scroll down a bit to get to them. They also have several other printables on this site.

The Dow's Schoolroom - This site has some folder games to print that can be used to help with memorization of Matthew 7:24-27. Scrolling down, they have two other games also.

Games for Learning - This site has more than just folder games. It has several different game ideas that you can use to reinforce many different concepts.

Enchanted Learning - This site has several folder games for you to print. I use this site all the time for different resources.

Pooh Bear Key Signature Folder Game - This is a really neat folder game to help with music theory. You match the keys on honey pots with the appropriate key signature honey pots.

All of these are free printable folder games. If you have any questions about making these games or how to use them in your daily school routine, leave me a comment and I will be sure to help you. For some kids these games help tremendously in the learning process.

For more great homeschool weblink resources visit Homeschooling With Encouragement for Weblink Wednesday.



  1. Well I wonder which one of those folder games would be my favorite. Hmm. Pooh and music...where could one go wrong!

    I also wanted to show you that I FINALLY uploaded a profile pic, so ya...I am progressing in this blog world. LOL.

  2. This looks really neat! Thanks for sharing these links.

  3. Thank you, especially for the Pooh/music link. I needed something like this for my son. He wants to take piano like his big sister but has to wait one more year. This will give us something to work on with him.

  4. These sites look great - thanks for sharing them!

  5. Love the sites. Thanks so much for participating today - you gave great links.


  6. sweeeeet!!! more fun resources, thanks for sharing!


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