Monday, October 7, 2013

Volcanoes on Sunday

Learning happens every day in our family. We encourage the kids to explore their interests and find answers to their questions. The older girls have been making a decent pile of dirt outside into a big volcano. This project is in its third week now as they have been designing their mountain complete with streams and paths. I am sure trees will be added soon. When they are done, we will have a lot of fun making it blow its top. Little G decided to make her own volcano with a water bottle she made a mountain of mud around and she made a stream and lake at the bottom. She took several days to make it just right. 

On Sunday we made hers erupt. She had so much fun watching the ‘lava’ flow out the top and travel down the mountain into her lake. We actually poured a second batch of vinegar into the top so that she could see it again. The second round was actually better than the first. Such a fun learning moment for her and it didn’t even happen on a school day or during our school hours. Remembering that learning happens all the time is so important.
For this little volcano we used a water bottle that she covered in mud making a mountain.

To make the lava erupt we used about a half cup of baking soda, a squirt of dish soap a few drops of red food dye and about a cup of vinegar. We put everything but the vinegar in first using a funnel and then poured half the vinegar for the first eruption and then the other half for the second eruption.

I can’t wait for the girls to finish their volcano. It will be pretty awesome to watch I am sure.

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