Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bible Memory

Every week we have a new verse we memorize for school. The first full week of the month we memorize the monthly memory verse the kids are learning at church. This month they are learning Romans 12:10 so this week, that is also our verse. The rest of the month I try to pick verses that either go along with the character trait or something that pertains to what we are going through or dealing with.

The character trait for our children's ministry this month is honor and what it means to honor others. I had the extreme privileged to teach the kindergarteners today at church. And this afternoon as I pondered the morning lesson and how it went, I began thinking about how as a mom I honor my kids. The bottom line of the lesson today was to honor others by giving them a chance. How many missed opportunities have there been where I could have honored my kids by giving them a chance? God wants us to outdo one another in showing honor. Do I model that for them as I should? I know that I will be focusing this week on remembering to honor my kids better as I remember this verse.

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