Friday, October 11, 2013

Knowing When To Take a Break

This is supposed to be a post about how I am learning to be more creative in my homeschooling. However today was not really about being creative as much as it was about trying to finish up the sections and chapters of what we are studying. Every one of us really is not motivated to do it all and we would have loved to just take the day off. Normally I would just stop and say we are taking a fun day but next week we are taking the whole entire week off. I am calling it fall break. I could call it Columbus Vacation because Monday is Columbus Day. When I was scheduling out our school days for the year, I knew we would need a break by now. Wow, was I so totally right.

So today we spent the day trying to finish up the chapters, sections, and assignments so that we can be ready to take a week off. That was our motivation to do what we needed to get done. In fact Little G decided she would do everything today so that she could be done early and have nothing to do on Friday. So… she gets an extra day off she was finishing up her last math worksheet after dinner. Smart little cookie that daughter of mine. Hmmmm cookies... maybe we'll make cookies for our school day that would be a fun way to start a week long break.

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