Saturday, October 5, 2013

Creative Learnng Remember to Write it All Down

At the end of a crazy week when it seems we haven’t gotten much done it is so important to write out what did get done. That is when the list is really important. You would be amazed at how much you have really done when you write it all down. This year especially, I have been more diligent about making sure I write down all that we have done. This is important when we have weeks were kids are sick or we have a lot of interrupted days. Because those are the weeks when checking things off just doesn’t happen.

This week, our lessons seemed minimal and we may not have done as much as I planned. But this week after I wrote down everything that was accomplished I realized that we actually did more than I thought. At then end of this week, though I didn't get to check off a lot of the planned assignments, I did get to write in a lot of things we did that actually were learning, and count as school. When I make that end of the week list, I feel so much better about how the week has gone. What was done may not have been in the lesson plans there was still a lot of learning that happened. When the kids were younger, it was much easier to

And now next week we will pick up where we left off and move along. 

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