Friday, October 25, 2013

Oral Reports in Homeschool

We have decided that oral reports are a fun addition to our homeschool, at least if Little G is doing them. Oh my goodness she was so hilarious while presenting her report on alkali metals, I so wish I would have videoed it. She was actually very informative; I was truly impressed as she is only six. What I loved the most was that she was so animated while presenting and was always direct and to the point. She did all her own research and made her own power point presentation with a little help from her older sisters. She did her oral report all by herself. She had a blast and learned so much. She already wants to do her next presentation.
For us, the assignment was easy. They chose one of the elements to research and present. (Well, G chose three.) I had them use the books we checked out from the library and they did some research online using reliable resources. They made a Power Point presentation to go along with their report. Then we all gathered in the living-room and connected the computer to the TV and they did their presentation. 

I love that oral reports were their idea. If it was mine, they would not have been so enthusiastic, of this I am sure. Public speaking is a really important skill to have, at some point we all need to present something to someone. This week I realized that oral reports are such a valuable tool to use in teaching the kids. I let them completely do their own thing. I love that they asked to do extra work and I love it even more that they are absolutely enjoying the learning process.

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  1. Umm tell them Miss Diane wants to come over for the next presentations. :)


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