Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pumpkin Unit Resources

Every year during the fall, we do fun pumpkin related activities. This year will be no exception except that the older ones have already done everything and really don't want to do the same stuff again. Besides they are too old to enjoy the stuff that preschoolers and kindergartners love. Really how many times do they want to count pumpkin seeds and learn adjectives describing pumpkins? Soooooo in a way I feel like it is back to the drawing board for plans.

Little G will make the crafts and do the activities she hasn't done yet and the olders will join in where they want.

I am going to have each of them cook one pumpkin food item this year. I have pinned so many yummy looking recipes I am sure they will be excited when they get to choose something to cook or bake. And I am stocked on pumpkin puree.

I am thinking we will play a guess the pumpkin's weight game with some pumpkins. Have them all make estimations and see how close they are.

I am looking for some other fun things the older kids can do still. The amount of preschool/kindergarten activities and worksheets available is beyond plentiful. Sadly once they hit a certain age, the resources become very scarce.

I put together a list of current resources that look like they will be fun all around. I will update this list as I find more. (I hope I find more.) I have posted ideas every year for the past few years. Here are the links to those posts. I did find that some of the links no longer work but a few still do.

Pumpkin Unit 2008 

Pumpkin Unit 2010

Preschool through Elementary Fun

Homeschool Helper has some ideas to get you started. There is somethng to do in every subject area to begin a fun week or two of pumpkin filled fun.

Meet Penny has some fun activities and a lapbook for the younger ones. Some of the printables work for early elementary also.

1+1+1=1 has soooo many fun printables for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Little Blots has a cute mini book of the Parable of the Sower in the shape of a pumpkin.

Preschool Mom has several pumpkin printables, activities, games. Lots of great stuff for preschool and kindergarten.

A to Z Teacher Stuff has so many fun pumpkin themed printables, games, activity centers,  and so much more.

Upper Grade Learning Fun

Pumpkins and More This site has a wide variety of ideas from the history of the pumpkin to nutrition to fun activities. A great resource for any pumpkin study.

Lapbooks & Multi Level Resources

123 Learn Curriculum Has a fun little lapbook for preschoolers.

Here is a Squiddo Lens with several resources for a pumpkin lapbook.

Education World has a wide variety of pumpkin lessons for pretty much every grade level.

Folder Games

File Folder Fun has some fun pumpkin themed games. These are great for reinforcing learning.



Crafts & Cooking Galore

I really like this Thankful Pumpkin Craft. It works well for preschool through elementary. This year, each one of the kids will make one and they will hang on the wall durning the month of November to remind us what we are thankful for.

I love this curled paper pumpkin craft for the olders. No two pumpkins will look the same.

This Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage is seriously one of the cutest carved pumpkin ideas ever.I know my girls would love to make this.

This Pumpkin Pie Spice Decoration recipe reminds of cinnamon Christmas ornaments. But seriously who wouldn't love the pleasing scent of pumpkin pie cookie ornaments.

Here is how I make pumpkin puree in the slow cooker which is awesome in pumpkin pancakes.

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