Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Finding Rhythm In Your Homeschool

Every homeschool family has a unique rhythm. Every successful homeschool has found that rhythm and recognizes that it changes like the tides. I'm okay with this as it keeps me on my toes and keeps things interesting.

Every year in our house, the tide seems to change with the seasons. When it is hot, it seems to be more independent work and experiments. There is a fun mood among all ready to enjoy whatever projects we decide to do. When it is cold, we seem to be more into book reading and some independent work. Everyone seems to go into hibernation mode. When it is warm, we tend to do a more well-rounded day of fun learning and keep more on routine. There is more sense of getting things done, being more task oriented.

Knowing how the kids respond to the seasons has helped how I plan our school year. While the learning never stops in our house how we learn takes on a new appearance in a regular rhythm. As the kids have gotten older I have looked back on the years and realize that even those rhythms have changed more than once.

Keeping open to the changing of the rhythms has helped me keep our homeschool going on a good note more than once. The freedom of homeschooling allows for that ability to adjust to the rhythms that work best for your family.

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