Friday, October 5, 2012

31 Days What School Room?

Our current home has a lot of space and two rooms that could be called a school room. There are two living room areas and a guest room/office. When we first moved everyone automatically assumed we would turn the guest room into a school room or the second living room into a school room. In fact at one point I tried to use what we affectionately call the lounge as a school room but in reality a "school room" doesn't work for us.

Little G doing her Bible Time under the computer desk.
Our lounge has our computers, book shelves, and our piano. We keep the middle floor area open for games and activities.

We do school in the living room on the couch or if I am doing a read aloud with just my little one you can find us snuggling in our circle chair.

Me doing some teaching in the living room.
The kids all comfy on the couch.
My Little G took this picture.

The kitchen table is a favorite place for us to do group lessons also. Our white board is in the dining area as is our crafting table.There are many days where getting ready for dinner includes stacking the school work on the floor so we can dive in again the next day.

When the kids do independent work you can find the kids dispersed in so many locations around the house or outside.

Miss H outside on the swing outside enjoying the beautiful weather while working on her language.

We do school where it works best for us. We found that having a small room somewhere just didn't work for us.

I'm participating in the 31 Days series with over 1000 other bloggers at Nesting Place. Here is the link to my other posts in my 31 Days of Homeschooling Adventures.

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