Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 Days Apple Unit Resources

Did you know that October is National Apple Month? I like to try to do unit studies that go along with the seasons and holidays. It makes school a bit more fun and breaks up the normal day to day stuff with something new.

A few years ago the older kids did an Apple Lapbook and I felt it was time Little G made one. We are going to do a whole apple unit study. Today Little G got to go to the store and choose one of every type of apple available. Tomorrow we will cut each apple in half and make a graph of how many seeds are in each apple. After that, time to bake!

We checked out several books from the library about apples and will be reading them throughout the month. And there are so many great resources around the web that I will be utilizing also. Below are my favorites that I have found so far. 

US Apple is a great place to start. There is a fun little booklet to print out that the older kids did and really enjoyed.

DLTK is one of my favorite resources for early childhood education. The apple activities there are a fun addition to anything we will do this month.

Homeschool Share has a few lapbooks available.
Apple Arrow looks like one that would be great for someone older than Little G.
Apple Pie Tree looks like a really fun one, I found the book at the library and we will probably do at least some of these activities.
Johnny Appleseed is the lapbook the older kids did. We really enjoyed it. I will be pulling some of these mini books into the apple lapbook we end up doing this year.
Live and Learn Press has a free apple lapboook too. We used a few elements of this one before.

The First Grade Parade has some Apple Activity Freebes that I just found today. I so totally cannot wait to look through these more and see what I can use. They look great.

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