Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 Days Homeschooling at the Library

If you read my last post, you know that we don’t use textbooks a lot in our school day. Instead we use several resources that are readily available. One of our favorite resources is our local library. If you want to learn about anything, chances are you can find what you want to know at the library. We love our library it is my favorite homeschool resource. Every week, we check out our limit in books about what the kids are interested in studying along with several fun books and literature. One of the greatest advantages of not being dependent on just a textbook is that you can get a much more in-depth study on a particular subject through other books than any textbook can do. If you are studying a historical figure, you can read different biographies and get different perspectives from each author. When I was younger, I checked out every book I could on Helen Keller and Mozart. I loved reading the biographies about them and every book had something new for me to learn about who they were. I learned many valuable life lessons while reading those biographies.

There really is no need for a separate curriculum about life lessons. One just needs to read about amazing people in history and see how they overcame trials and accomplished what they set out to do.

Lately my son has been reading every book he can check out about WWII. He knows more about that war now, than any other 8th grader I know. He will be reading The Diary of Anne Frank in a few months and this goes right along with what he is studying for history. By utilizing the resources available to us we are able to broaden the scope of what we learn. At the same time, I am teaching them how to research and gain knowledge on their own and not rely on someone telling them what they should know.

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  1. One more thing in common: Helen Keller and Mozart - yep I checked out all those books too. Lol

    When Little Man (who isn't so little anymore) starts Anne Frank, let me know. I've got tons of books, aside from the Diary. I was a Docent at the Anne Frank Museum that came thru town for a month. I even met and had a private lunch with Miep Gies. WWII is my favorite thing in history - and history is my least favorite subject. Lol Anyway my books are in storage but I know right where they are. I just saw them a few weeks ago.

    End of my comment turned novel. Lol yes it's 3am. Time for bed.

    1. Crazy how much we have in common. I will totally have to take you up on your offer. Getting to meet Miep Gies is really cool.


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