Sunday, October 4, 2009

National Apple Month

Last week the kids studied Johnny Appleseed. John Chapman (his real name) was born on September 26th. He was an interesting man to study and it was fun learning how he became a legend. We did a quick and simple lapbook, mostly just for fun. Did you know that October is National Apple Month? This month, we plan on making a few apple goodies in honor of that fact. Here are some pics of the lapbook and a few links to help you get started with an apple unit of your own. We mixed and matched from many of the sites to make something that works for us. I also made a few things on my own.

An Apple a Day Unit - This site has lots of ideas listed that you can incorporate into your school plans.

Johnny Appleseed Lapbook - Homeschool Share has a free Johnny Appleseed Lapbook

Live & Learn Press Apple Lapbook - This is another free lapbook that focuses on just apples from Live and Learn Press.

Apple Folder Games - File Folder fun has some folder games that are geared towards 2-5 year olds with an apple theme. Perfect for Tot School.

Preschool Apple Activiteis - Childcare Land has some apple activities to print and use (like folder games).

Apple Theme Activities - Busy Teachers' Cafe has an abundant amount of apple resources and ideas plus links to other great places. There is also a folder game if you scroll down dealing with contraction words. We printed this one out during the summer, the kids like it.


On the cooking front, this apple pie is absolutely on the list.  This applesauce looks super yummy and easy. And then there are these muffins that are filled with yumminess they will be made soon.

I hope this helps you get some great ideas for adding some apple themes to your school day this month.


  1. Mommy Reg: What great links-love your lapbook! I also like reading about John Chapman. I'll add some of this in for Maya.
    I've missed your posts and I am so glad you added this one in! :)

  2. I didn't know it was apple month! Oh - my husbands gonna love you because now the kids and I will be cooking up some appley-good stuff...

  3. Thanks Rhonda. It has been a very hectic few months.

    Mel, isn't fun to have an excuse to cook up yummy stuff?


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