Wednesday, September 21, 2011

31 Days of Lessons In Mommyhood

Around the blogosphere bloggers everywhere are getting ready for 31 Days in October. I love this idea and many of the bloggers I love to read did this event last year and encouraged others to join in this year. (My favorite last year was Darcy's 31 Days to a Better Photo) At first I wasn't going to join in on all the fun, but then decided why not. I have something to offer and it would make me have to post daily. (Something I am really striving towards.)

I have learned so many lessons through my adventure in Mommyhood. Many lessons I have shared in the past and so many more I never put in writing. When I originally started this blog it was to share what I was learning about myself, about God, and about life. Of course as all blogs do, it has evolved into so much more and includes all my adventures from fun, to homeschool, to lessons in life and everything else in between. By no means is this to promote myself as one who knows it all but just to share what I have learned and hopefully learn from anyone who cares to comment.

I look forward to October as I reflect on the lessons learned in Mommyhood. And look ahead to the lessons still to come. As I have entered the land of the junior higher and quickly approaching the jungle of teendom. While I love this age immensely I am, once again, falling to my knees before God admitting that I really know nothing.

Will you join me on the journey?

I'm linking up with Darcy at Life With my 3 Boybarians for this year's 31 Days series.

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