Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mommy Lesson 22 - Super Mommy

So I have come to the conclusion that mommies have a super power. They can get sick and still take care of the littles. Maybe not as well as if they were well, but seriously we can still function while sick. I woke up this morning with the cold my older kids have. I love that I have taught them to share so well that they felt it necessary to share even their cold with me. I have only been so sick I couldn’t function once in 12 years of mommyhood. And that day Daddy Reg had the day off luckily so he took care of the kids. I heard stories later that they watched movies all day, eating fast food for lunch and pizza for dinner but I’m sure they were just pulling my leg… I’m sure they read books and played learning games and ate broccoli casserole for dinner. But the rest of the times I have gotten sick, I have still been able to take care of the very basics of life for the kids. The only possible explanation is that moms are given extra grace in that area.Or that we have a super power, the jury is still out on which it is.

The kids have been getting bored and running out of things to do while suffering from colds. They’ve been really good about not doing anything too strenuous that will throw them into coughing fits but there really is only so much one can do while sick. Tonight they found some glow sticks and glow bracelets. I told them they could have fun playing with them and they had a blast in the dark with them.

I had fun playing around with the camera taking pictures of the light. They were making some really cool designs in the dark with them.

So today's mommy lesson is that mommies have a super power and God gives us grace when we are sick. At the same time, it  is so important to give sick kids extra grace too.

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