Monday, October 22, 2012

31 Days Field Trips

Field trips are such a fun part of homeschooling. We try to take at least one field trip a month. You don't have to leave town to go on a field trip either. If you live near the local TV station, see if you can take a tour. We took a tour while they were doing the noon news. It was such a blast and we got to take a picture with the news anchor and the weather guy. The fire station is another great field trip to go on, all kids seem to love that trip from young to old.

Your local museum is a great place to visit often as they change the exhibits. Every town has a rich history. We have several great historical landmarks near by that we have seen and there are many more on our list that we still want to take the kids to see and experience. When you are studying your state's history, going to the capitol is a great field trip. I think everyone should visit their state's capitol at least once just for the experience.

5 Field Trips - Train Museum, Natural History Museum, a Fort, State Capital, & a Mission

We have actually done field trip days where we go to several places in one day in cities that we have to drive a bit to get to. You have to carefully plan out your day so that you can get them all in but it is tons of fun. When we had to drive four hours for a wedding weekend, we looked up all the nearby museums and historical attractions so that we could go to as many of them in the short time we had,  we were able to fit in 4 different destinations into a couple of days. That weekend was so incredibly busy but we had a total blast and learned so much. We have even turned camping trips into field trips.

My point is, go on as many field trips as you can. They don't have to cost a lot of money or even be out of town. There is a rich learning environment in your own town and state just waiting to be discovered.

I think my next post will be a field trip survival guide.

I'm participating in 31 Days along with over 1,000 other bloggers hosted by the Nesting Place.

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