Monday, October 22, 2012

31 Days Homeschool When Life Gets in the Way

We homeschool year round most years and I schedule several extra days into the year so that we have wiggle room when life happens. Because it always does and there are always days that we planned to get school done and don't get anything done at all.

This really helps me to not stress about getting all the school days in for the year when we decide to take a couple extra days off for family visits or when someone gets sick.  We just take a break and pick up where we left off when we are ready. In the end it will all work out. Sometimes I need a teacher prep day so the kids enjoy the break while I get some prep done.

Other times the kids just need a play day, many times during those days, I find them discovering new things without me. Like the girls discovering how to make clay from dirt, water and some bark and grass.

They created several bowls, cups, and dishes from their own homemade clay. They figured out the best ratio of water to dirt to add-ins to make the best clay that hardened perfectly and can stand up to being used in play. They learned about things they wouldn't have learned from me. So play days can actually be school days, they just don't know it.

There are busy seasons where it seems no matter how hard we try, school just seems to get in the way of everything else that is going on. I don't get really how that happens except that we have a lot going on and sometimes it becomes more than planned. And there are times when the best planned day just goes to the wayside because let's face it, we really aren't in control.

I'm participating in 31 Days along with over 1,000 other bloggers hosted by the Nesting Place.

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