Friday, October 18, 2013

Learning On Our Week Off

We spent the week taking a break from school work. It was a much needed break as everyone was just tired and burnt out. I originally planned on spending the week doing some major school planning but in reality I didn’t do any school planning or prep work until Thursday. Instead I took a break from planning, it was nice.

The learning at our house didn’t stop though. There were lots of games that fall under the learning category like Scrabble, SET, Catan and Monopoly. We read a lot of books about how make all sorts of crafts. There was a lot of sewing going on this week too. Little stuffed bears and accessories were made this week. The girls had checked out some books about ballet and they spent the week practicing the dance positions and techniques. Basketball games were played and walks were taken.

The kids loved having the whole week off to relax. Even though we weren’t “doing school” the kids were still learning. Shhh I won’t tell if you won’t.

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