Thursday, October 3, 2013

I Heart the Library

I have posted a few times (here and here) about how much I love the library. It is really my most valuable homeschool resource. Every week we go, we seek, we find and we fall in love with another book, or subject. We spend more time in the non-fiction section than we do anywhere else. This week was no exception.

I quickly snapped this adorable picture of Little G pulling books about electricity and light. She asked if we could study electricity. I said of course and her next science unit was set in motion. Today, she examined a clear light bulb and I explained the basics of how it works. We have the books from the library and I have found some activities online. We also have a few books of science experiments that we will do involving electricity.
When we go to the library I learn a lot about what my kids are interested in. By the books they check out I know what they want to learn about. Right now, one is reading about fashion, another is reading world record books and a comic book that takes place in the 1600’s, we have books about cake making and decorating and dinosaurs. Through these books I follow their lead on what we study. At the beginning of the school year we spent several weeks studying geology all together.

Delight directed learning means that I can teach them what they want to learn when they are ready to learn it. It is one of the elements that makes our homeschool so enjoyable. This year as the age differences become more defined, I have found how important it is to do studies all together whenever possible.

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