Monday, October 31, 2011

Mommy Lesson 27 - Enjoy The Here and Now

Something that I have continually been reminded of over and over and over again is that time is precious and enjoy your kids in the moment because in a blink of an eye, that moment is gone forever. So often I hear moms say that they can’t wait until their little one is doing one thing or the other. Forgetting that this exact moment with them is great too. I have even let those words escape my mouth a time or two. And honestly, those words shouldn’t be even whispered.
Every fleeting moment with our kids should be cherished and enjoyed as if it were the last. We are only promised the right now there is no promise of tomorrow. Just as we should not worry about the trials of tomorrow, we should also not long for tomorrow in such a way that we forget to enjoy today. Sure, it's easier when they sleep through the night, or start walking, or can feed themselves. But even those hard moments should be enjoyed. We are privileged as moms to even have these moments with our kids and that shouldn't be taken for granted. And enjoying every precious second that we have with them is so important.

Because one moment they are small cute little chubby munchkins…

…and then you blink.

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