Friday, November 9, 2012

Elections, Ancient Rome and Foosball

As I sit here, up late, on this chilly Friday night sipping my cup of vanilla caramel tea I am wondering what we got done this week. I have been trying extra hard to get as much school work done before Thanksgiving so that we can spend the month of December having fun doing crafts and activities and bake goodies to our hearts content without any worry if we don't hit the books everyday. But this week seems like a train wreck that never left the station. What did we do?

Monday, the kids weren't feeling too hot so we didn't do anything. 

Ready to Vote
 Tuesday, we spent the day voting, and watching the results. We talked about the process and the electoral college and discussed how they call a state with only 1% of the votes in. (Seriously, I think it would be so funny to see them actually get a state wrong when they call it so early on.) Tuesday was a great day as I love the whole election process. I love letting the kids make their own choices when it comes to politics. We don't tell the kids how to think, I want them to think for themselves even at a young age. My son has his own very strong opinions when it comes to politics. He loves that we have the right to elect those who govern and that we can vote on the laws we would like in place. Every year, it makes for some really intense discussions about policies and the pros and cons of each measure and proposition. And every year, he gets upset that kids are not allowed to vote. (He reminds me of the character Alex Keaton on Family Ties.)

Human Foosball
Wednesday, I didn't feel that great and stayed on the couch all day so I could have enough energy for youth group. The students played an epic game of Human Foosball - so fun! Imagine a Foosball table but life size and the ball is a huge exercise ball. The game was really quick which was great because worship and our talk went long. I love Wednesday nights. Here is a picture to give you an idea. It's hard though as I don't want to post anyone else besides my kiddos. Hope this gives you a good idea.

Thursday rolled around and I felt pulled in so many directions at once, we got math done and that was it. Honestly I cannot remember everything that happened, it's very much a blur. Do you have days like that? I do - often, way too often.

And today (Friday), we did some of our Ancient Rome study and called it a day.  We talked about how the Roman government worked. Elected officials, three branches of government, people voting on laws. It tied into Tuesday perfectly. (Totally unplanned but very perfect timing.) And we didn't even do that lesson until late in the afternoon. I love the flexibility of homeschool, no need to do school first thing in the morning.

So where did my week go? What happened that made it so difficult to get anything done? I had the best plans for this week. Science projects, art lessons, music lessons, books to read... I guess we'll get it done next week. 

I have to remember that it's okay to have weeks like this. There was some real life learning in the midst of not feeling great and being so busy.

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