Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31 Days 5th Grade Homeschooling

 One day each week this month I am featuring one of my kids for 31 Days of Homeschooling Adventures and talking a little bit about how I do school with them. Each one of them has their own strengths and skill sets and not one of them learn the same way as another. It makes for an interesting and fun homeschool experience and also a very challenging one. I love that each one is created uniquely and none of them are like the other. Each of my children was created with a purpose and have amazing gifts. As a homeschool mom, my job is to help them discover their individual potential and help them learn how to walk in their giftings. Watching them walk in their gifts is one of the most exciting things. And you know, they don't have to wait until they are adults to do big things.As a wise little asparagus once said, "Little guys can do big things too."

Meet miss H. She is my 5th grader this year. She loves doing school - on most days. She learns best when she is reading the info herself. When she was younger and learning how to read, I would read her history and science lessons to her and she wouldn't remember any of the information from the books. Once she became a strong reader she began retaining the information much better because she was reading the books herself.

She loves doing independent work, reading the material herself and doing workbooks and writing assignments. Of course workbooks and worksheets aren't nearly as memorable or fun as hands on learning and using great books from the library, thankfully she enjoys doing those activities also.

Miss H loves math and writing, if I give her a chance to choose what she wants to work on, she will choose math and writing before she will choose anything else. She is the only one of my kids who has gotten excited about learning cursive. She also loves to read and at any point in time she has at least 3 books she is in the middle of reading. She takes after her momma that way.

I love that she is so unique in who she is and how she learns. 

I'm participating in 31 Days along with over 1,000 other bloggers hosted by the Nesting Place.

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