Friday, March 7, 2008

The List Part Way Conquered

I decided to post a follow-up on what I actually was able to accomplish from my insane list of things that needed to get done yesterday on top of what I already do everyday. I have a very important word of advice to every mommy. If you are sick, do not plan to do this much in one day. If you do, you will not get it done and if you do, you will probably just make yourself sicker than you really want to be. Here is the list with notes of what happened.
  1. Put new filter in my vacuum cleaner. - This I was able to do.
  2. Vacuum the living room and hallways. - Maybe tomorrow. I was just way to exhausted to do anything that physical.
  3. Unpack the office supply box that is sitting next to the desk that I have now rummaged through so many times nothing is in any sort of order. - I ended up unpacking a box of books for the bookshelf that needed to be organized. So, that sort of counts even though I still have the box of office supplies to unpack.
  4. Strip and wash my son's bedding. - My son stripped his bed and made it with new sheets. His dirty sheets are in the washer.
  5. Scrub the kids bathtub. - This will get done this weekend.
  6. Unpack the box of dessert dishes that is sitting in the corner of the dining room. - This has been put down on the bottom of the priority list. I don't plan on needing these soon. Although getting the boxes out of the dining room would be nice.
  7. Clean the Brita cooler and fill it so we have clean water to drink. - I can say we have a clean water cooler. The water where we live is full of minerals and tastes really bad because of it. So it was very important for me to get this done.
  8. Clear off my desk. - It is in a very sad state and some stuff slipped off today because it is so bad. - This did not get done. I need to get this done before the weekend is over.
  9. Organize the hallway bookshelf. - This is almost finished, Hurray!!!
  10. Pull out Baby G's clothes that she has outgrown. - I got a couple of things put away but not all of it. But something is better than nothing.
  11. Make pancakes to freeze. - I am thinking that Saturday breakfast is the perfect time to make these now.
  12. Make tortillas - we are out and this is a staple in our house. Maybe at this point I should buy them even though they don't taste nearly as good. - I didn't get these done either, I ended up cleaning up a lot of messes in the kitchen instead so these got put on the back burner but I will be making some very soon. And Momma Bug, I will post my recipe for Tortillas so stay tuned for that post over at Mommyhood Essentials. :)
  13. Make dinner. - Okay, so I am sure I will do this otherwise we won't eat or get stuck with take out. -- Guess what, by the time I had to make dinner, I felt so bad I had no strength to do anything. My head hurt when I stood up. So my wonderful hubby suggested Taco Bell. :) And today, (Friday) the same problem so... pizza. But it was wonderful! No dinner dishes. But that totally blew our eat out budget so... Saturday night requires eating something I have here. I do have stuff in the freezer already prepared. However the last two nights none of it sounded good.

And there you have it. Some of that list I actually did. And some well... life goes on. I did get in more school yesterday and today, and I had a baby who is also feeling the effects of catching a cold or maybe it is allergies because she isn't that bad, either way she is fussy and clingy.


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