Monday, July 21, 2008

Church Time is Family Time

Church is family time for my family, and for my church for that matter. We do not put our kids in Sunday school for someone else to teach them while we go in the adult service. We do not believe that children need the Bible dumbed down so they can understand it. I am not saying that all Sunday school lessons do this but I have seen a trend in the lesson books doing this. A benefit of my kids sitting with me in service is that I know what they are being taught and I know if they understand the teaching or not. This week, my kids learned about who they are in Christ with no fluff and stuff. The were listening very intently the whole service.
They also got an assignment of finding 3 verses about who they are in Christ and learning what they mean, to share next week. The entire congregation got the same homework for next week. Everyone is going to share one of the verses they found and talk about what it means to them. I am excited for them to learn something so amazing at such a young age. Instead of getting just a Bible story, they are getting the nuts and bolts of what it means to be a child of the Most High God.
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  1. You Rock. Let me know your verses and I will ask the kids theirs. So next.


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