Monday, February 25, 2008

Mashed Potatoes

I want to blog today. I really do want to write, but, my brain is mashed potatoes right now. Baby G still hasn't figured out how to sleep at night. She is 15 months now and I seriously need more sleep. I have tried to let her cry it out but the girls have strongly protested against this as they all share a room. You should see them at 2am and 4am insisting complete with tears that I get the baby so they can sleep. I am way too tired to stand my ground at that point I just get the baby and bring her to bed with me. Where she then decides to nurse until well, she wakes up for the day? I don't know I just fall back to sleep. I am sure she stops but I don't know when.
I was so proud of myself that the older kids did school today. I was practically falling asleep while doing reading lessons with the girls. I dozed for a few minutes around 4 and then at 5 hubby and I were trying to figure out what to do for dinner. He looked at me and sweetly said,, "There is no way you are cooking." I love him. :) So... ho went and got KFC. And that is why my brain is mashed potatoes.
And with that, Baby G has woken up and I must go.



  1. I am right there with you! My little one is still waking up at night, too, and he'll be 2 in a few months. (that may not be any consolation to you!) He isn't nursing the whole rest of the night anymore, but I remember when he did that, too, and it was really hard - I felt worn out. It helps me to remember my other children doing the same thing, and in my brain, at least, I know it won't last forever. (It always seems like it at the moment). I can relate to the brain fog, for sure - am still trying to deal with that! It was so sweet of your hubby to get take out for you! Motherhood certainly does require sacrifice, but isn't it so worth it when they look at you with those loving eyes!

  2. Wow - today I can really relate. I have missed naps three days in a row, and I usually nap with the little ones (actually I require everyone to lay down)so I can be somewhat human when AJ gets home from work.
    I detest "The Nights of the Weaning Cry"! Have you considered having the girls camp out in your room, or the living room for a couple of nights?

    I realize that no amount of insulation in the walls dampens that noise to silence, yet one must do what one must do!

    What I think is strange, is that when I am in the nursing season I actually ACCUMULATE tiredness. That happens at no other time, but let me tell you! Three days without nap? Like I said - I understand!

  3. Your husband always takes care of you. He's awesome. I hope your brain becomes less mashed soon! LOL.

  4. Nancy, It helps to know I am not alone in this adventure of sleeplessness. I know it will be over sooner than I know it too.
    Momma Bug, You are so blessed to be able to get any naps. Our schedule isn't conducive to everyone napping. However, because my honey has a very odd schedule, I can sleep in for a little bit some mornings.
    I was starting to wean Baby G then, gave up when she got sick again. So... I have to start all over. I have thought of sending the kids to Grandma's house.

  5. Yes, I have done my share of nodding off during phonics- it seems the first moment of the day where I sit still for two minutes put together. I am like an active toddler who finally got put in the high chair for lunch, and falls asleep in his bowl.

    Ususally, first trimester has something to do with it .....Have you checked?:)

    As for your husband taking care of dinner, what a great guy! Those words must have been music to your ears.

    You have a lovely blog. Thank you for saying "Hi" on mine.


  6. Suzanne, Thank you so much. Yeah, I know I am not pregnant. I just finished that time. So I am sure. It would be a nice reason for the mashed potatoes syndrome. My husband is a God send, he is really wonderful.


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