Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Life in Mommyhood

Here are a few goings on in the land of Mommyhood.

Daddy Reg started a steady job on Friday! Thank you God for providing him with a steady job. The frustrating part of this job is that it is a seasonal temporary hire, which means part-time hours, little pay and no benefits. Nevertheless, God is faithful and it is a job. I am now learning a new lesson in trusting God, not fretting and delighting myself in the Lord, like Psalm 37 tells us.

My Little Man finally got over his fear of riding his bike and took off his own training wheels on Saturday. He is just a cautious guy and even though he got his bike on his 5th birthday, he did not really start riding it until he was seven because he was so afraid of falling even with the training wheels. Now, he is riding with confidence and no training wheels.

Baby G fell off a slide yesterday. We were at a local school playground that had a great metal slide. (Read very slick and if I were still a kid, I would have loved it.) Baby G is the opposite of Little Man and has no fear. She is my adrenaline junky. I watched from a short distance as Daddy Reg was standing next to the slide making sure she did not do something crazy. As she was going down, she lost her balance flipped sideways then sort of flew off the slide before reaching the bottom. She landed on her face as I was already close to her rescue. If only I could have ran faster. She had playground bark on her face and she was crying. She was mad that I did not let her just get up and go down the slide! Yep no fear. I love that she just got mad she got hurt and kept on going. Her face has a few small cuts but other than that, she is fine. I ma so thankful for playground bark. The cool rubbery stuff would have done a number on her face.

This week for school, we are starting our autumn stuff. I am excited to do some fun crafts with the kids. We have not done many crafts lately so it will be a fun change of pace.

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  1. Yay for Little Man!! It is so great when they finally take off on the bike on their own.
    Sweet little G, I'm sorry she fell off the slide but I LOVE her spunk!!!
    I'm glad Daddy Reg has a job, even though it is just temporary. I know that is so frustrating.
    Thank you so much for your encouraging words and prayers for our situation. You have no idea what a blessing you have been to me in the short time I've had the pleasure of knowing you!!! :)


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