Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow Day Fun!

Meet Mr. Frosted Flakes
This past week the kids got to have some unexpected fun with our neighbor. It all started when our neighbor was surprised with a pile of snow next to her place. She was so very excited because it seems to have snowed everywhere around us but not here. It does not snow here more than once a decade and then it is a light dusting like powdered sugar. She decided to make a snowman - of course. About half way through, Daddy Reg took the kids out to watch and our neighbor let them help. - She is so great. The kids were giving her all of the accessories, the carrot, the arms, the buttons, the eyes, the mouth, and even the scarf. Oh and this snowman wore many hats. One of which Little Man proudly surprised us with. All of us had so much fun and as snow is not something we get to enjoy unless we take a road trip, it was a wonderful treat. As of today - a few days later - poor Mr. Frosted Flakes is now just a little mound. But he was such a great snow friend and I am sure, will be back again someday.

Meet Mr. Google Flakes -
Little Man was so proud of giving him this hat.

Best Buddies
Note that Princess K is wearing flip-flops.
I noticed this a few minutes after the picture. My crazy girl.

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