Monday, April 27, 2009

Coffee & a Doughnut

This weekend Little Man reached a milestone when he went to coffee with Daddy Reg.
He ordered his first Starbucks coffee and he paid for it himself. Normally he is a Kid’s Cocoa no whip type person but turning 10 means he can do more grown up things like order a Tall white mocha no whip and a glazed old-fashioned doughnut. Then he calculated how long he had to work in order to earn enough money to pay for it. He has been working for his Papa off and on for $3 an hour. (A huge pay increase compared to his dad who made $1 and hour at his age.)

 Enjoying his first expensive cup of coffee.
Have to have a doughnut with it.

On his birthday he tried a cup of regular joe and said it was okay. (Thanks son, glad your mom’s coffee is just okay.) He liked his white mocha, but only drank half. – A good thing because I forgot to tell him to order decaf and anyone who knows my son knows he needs nothing that boosts his energy.

They brought home a Venti Carmel Macchiato with an extra shot for me someday he’ll graduate to the hard stuff.


  1. You know what missy....I have MISSED your writings. I am SO glad you are writing more again! Yeah! *tear, sniff, sniff* Tell little man to stop growing up, would ya? That is just a bit too much for me to swallow...guess he's part of the coffee club now, huh? But let's do remember to keep him on decaf! lol

  2. That is funny. My oldest boy got to start having coffee once a week when he was 10, too. Of course, we don't have a starbucks so he just gets my Sat. morning brew.

    It's been said a lot, I know, but they sure do grow up wo quickly.


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