Saturday, October 10, 2009

Taco Night

Taco Night in our house is not to be fooled with. About once a month we have taco night and it is one of the funnest dinners we do.

This time the meat was leftover pulled pork from the other night that I added some taco seasoning to and turned it into taco meat. (Okay, side note here. This pulled pork was amazing and it made enough for two dinners and two lunches!) Anyway... We have all the toppings you can imagine and we switch it up every time so no two taco nights seem to be the same. We also do not use crunchy taco shells. Instead we use white corn tortillas that I heat up and we make soft tacos.

There is something extra special about watching your kids have a blast build their own tacos and enjoy every last bite. Having fun dinner nights as a family is something we do often.Little G is the first one at the table and can never seem to wait for the rest of us to sit down before she starts loading up her plate.

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  1. Looks Yummy! We just had a Taco dinner last week. I love how nice and simple that dinner turns out to be. We also use corn tortillas, Love them when their nice and warm

    Ooooo Let me stop, I got myself all hungry now :)



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