Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fireworks Day and S'Mores

Tomorrow we celebrate our nation’s birthday. I know this because my Little G has been counting down the days since last month. She is so incredibly excited about the 4th. Not because it is the day we celebrate being free and independent. Or because we honor those that risked their lives long ago so that people could live in a nation where freedom and liberty are so central to its existence.

Roasting the Mallow
Nope, she is excited because we make s'mores and watch the fireworks. Last year was the first year we took her to see fireworks; it was the first year hubby hadn’t had to work that night in a long while. She loved every second and yelled “kaboosh” the entire time.

Fireworks Through Trees
She loves the tradition of the day and the time we spend together as a family. That is why every day for about a month she has reminded me that fireworks day was coming.

So tomorrow in celebration of our nation’s birthday we will make s’mores and watch the fireworks and enjoy the moments we have together as a family.

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