Thursday, December 13, 2007

Boxes, Boxes, and More Boxes

I am drowning in an ocean of boxes right now. We are moving in 2 days. I have been packing and weeding out items I don't want to move for 3 weeks now and seriously, I should be done. I am more than half way there but I feel like I am no where close. Of course you then look at all the boxes everywhere in the house and it is obvious that I have to be close. I started by lining the walls with boxes, now every wall is lined as is the upstairs banister. I have boxes in the middle of rooms with no place to go. At this point the sorting and weeding is over and I am just throwing stuff into a box so it can be packed in a box.
The kids have been really great with helping pack all of their stuff. Kids like to help, they really enjoy being a part of life around them in a meaningful way and not just watch it pass them by. Even Baby G (she is 12 months now) gets involved in helping. Today, she got excited when it was time to unload the dryer. She was right there in the middle of it. Then she loaded the dryer every time she put something into the dryer I praised her she was having so much fun being with mommy. Then halfway through, she decided to start pulling things back out. She got so mad that I was putting them back in. But then she helped me start the dryer and was happy again.
I love having my kids help in whatever task is at hand. They love being useful and spending time with me in the process. I love training them to do things that are necessary for survival.
So back into the ocean of boxes I go.


  1. wow...lotsa work ahead yet, but i am sure it will all be worth it for ya'll in the end :)

    when you get a moment, stop by my blog, and you will find a little surprise for you! blessings...

  2. Thank you Jeanette. It is so worth it. The place we moved to has such a better layout and is in a much better part of town.


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