Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christams!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! During this wonderful time I pray we do not forget the reason we celebrate. The greatest gift ever given was Jesus. He came as a little baby born in the most lowly of places and conditions. I admire Mary as a young lady betrothed to Joseph, she went through labor with only Joseph, who I am positive had no idea what he was doing, and God. I know that Elizabeth and her mother probably told her everything they could tell her before she had him but still she wasn't exactly surrounded by the women in her life who had gone trough it before at her most needed time. I wonder how she felt that night in a strange place, in a stinky stable filled with animals going through labor. Was she scared at all or did God give her His supernatural peace? Than having strangers come and bow down before her baby boy... Not your typical birth of course not your typical baby.

If you haven't read about Jesus and what Mary went through click here.

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