Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Weblink Wednesday - Free Worksheets

Have you found yourself in need of a worksheet to reinforce a concept or do you find yourself searching for something for your preschooler or kindergartener to do while you finish up with the older kiddos? Then this is for you. I have 4 worksheet sites to share with you today. My youngest sails through her normal studies everyday so I am always looking for more stuff for her to do.

Learning Page - This is one of my favorites for all the kids. The worksheets are really fun, organized really well, and they have little books you can use too with follow up worksheets.

School Express - They have thousands of worksheets all organized by grade and subject plus many more theme units. And you can pay to become a member to get even more if you want, but I haven't found the need with all the free stuff.

TLS Books - This site is also one of my favorites. I love how this site is set up. It is very well organized and has plenty of worksheets for many grade levels.

RHL School - This site has a lot of worksheets. I haven't used it as much as the other three because it takes a moment to figure out how to maneuver around the site but it does have many free worksheets.

For more great homeschool links, visit Homeschooling with Encouragement for Weblink Wednesday.



  1. That was me. I forgot to sign my son out.

  2. Those of some of my favs too! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. I only recognized one of those sites - the others are new to me! Thanks for sharing them!

  4. These are some of my favorites! :)

    I'll be back on the "wagon" next week with links! Been busy here :)


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