Monday, May 19, 2008

Father/Son Weekend

I missed my honey this weekend. He was only gone for the weekend but I still missed him terribly. I can't sleep when he isn't home at night so that made for a couple sleepless nights. And poor Baby G made sure of it when she spiked a 105 fever on Friday night.

My honey and my Little Man went on the annual Father/Son camping trip. This trip is so annual that my father-in-law and My Honey and all my brothers in-law have been going on this trip since my honey was a kid. My honey was the first son to go on the trip and then come back with his own son. This year it is Pop (aka my Father-in-law), My Honey, My Little Man and one of my honey's brothers. 3 generations of men (well, 3 men and a boy) camping with a bunch of other fathers & sons. I love that my kids have a strong relationship with their dad and their grandfather, (the girls go in August) but I still miss him when he is gone. I feel like part of me is missing whenever he isn't here.

Baby G was so excited when he got home she did a happy dance. She tripped and landed on the coffee table making it now her not so happy dance. And today, I spent the day doing all the laundry my guys brought me as a present. I love that my honey takes being a Daddy seriously and loves spending time with our little ones. They always come back so much closer than they already are. Believe me we take every opportunity to spend time together as a family so these trips are just the icing on the cake.

Okay enough of my rambling. It is late and I really should be in bed.


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  1. I love you...good luck catching up on all of that laundry!


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