Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Really Long Week

This past week has been such a long week. I really wanted to blog since Thursday but haven't had more than two minutes to put a thought together. When I have had some time, I have been just too exhausted to be coherent.
Baby G is teething all four incisors at the same time for the last week. She barely sleeps, she always fusses. She hasn't been eating well and to top it off, she has a nasty diaper rash that keeps coming and going.
On Thursday, my girls blessed me by doing the dinner dishes. They were so sweet. I should have taken a picture of the dishwasher when they were done. It was a third of the way full but with the way they creatively put things in, you couldn't put another thing in it. It was so cute. It took them an hour and they were so thorough. They wanted to help me out so I could convince Baby G to eat 3 bites of food and then give her a bath. I love my girls.
It is the little things that make me smile. And it is the little things that help a really long day worth it in the end. When I miss the little things I know that I am missing what God wants to show me in the day.
Today, the girls had a tea party outside. All of them including Baby G. That made me smile. Knowing that I have been able to teach my kids to play with all ages equally makes me excited. I love that I was able to see a 7yo, a 6yo, and a 19 month old at a table with crackers, water and cookies enjoying their little party all on equal footing.
Today, I saw my Little Man grow up just a little bit. He helped Daddy Reg work on the car. He was so excited to be helping and for the first time ever, he got his hands dirty without freaking out. This kid hates getting dirty. He came in for dinner telling me all about what had been done and how that they still had to do stuff in the morning. He is learning about how a car works and how to keep it working. I love that he is learning life skills for the real world. He is growing up.
I look to this week with anticipation that it has to get better.


  1. Oh my sweet friend. I am so sorry to have been out of contact. It's been a long, busy weekend with no relief from pain. Pain pills every four hours, waking up in the night hurting like crazy, and constantly having this nagging pain. Not fun. On top of it, I've had a horrible headache...hints not talking on the phone.

    I will call and come by tomorrow. I love you!

  2. Hi back! Thanks for saying hello friend!
    How is your family? Any sign of work for your dearest? How is he holding up?
    I hope you are enjoying the Summer as much as the heat allows!
    Love ya,


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