Thursday, December 11, 2008

An Exravagent Date

My sister-in-law deserves the Greatest Aunt of All Time award (is there such a thing?) Today, I found myself overly exhausted and I just couldn't get myself going. I tried, oh I tried. We successfully completed one school lesson about prophecies and fulfillment of prophecies and then I was done. I fell asleep on the couch about five minutes after Daddy Reg got home. Around 5:45 while I was still trying to get myself off the couch and figuring out what I was going to fix for dinner, the Greatest Aunt of All Time stopped by and asked if she could take all the kids with her to a dinner/fundraiser. Her timing could not have been more perfect. So we got all the carseats properly installed and off they went. They love their Auntie and get so excited to spend time with her. After they were off Daddy Reg and I decided it was perfect timing to pick up some white elephant gifts for the church Christmas party. So we went to the dollar store hoping to find some type of treasure. We found some stuff that will work and a few stocking stuffers. We also scored a perfect present for Little Man! He is very much into NASCAR and loves Jimmy Johnson and we found a poster of him for a dollar! Who knew that what will most likely be his favorite present would only cost a buck? Then off to Taco Bell for a quick bite and home again home again jiggidy jog. That my dear friends is a typical date night in the land of Reg. Yep, in fact that one was a bit extravagent because buying something like diapers or toilet paper wasn't involved.


  1. That is a GOOD date night! :)
    How great that you found that poster for you little guy!And you can not beat that price.
    I hope you're feeling more rested today, I have days like that where I just don't feel like doing anything.

  2. Good auntie indeed!!

    My 8 year old loves Captain America, last year we scored when we found a few Captain America comics for some tiny little amount. His favorite gift by far.

  3. That sounds even better than most date nights I go on. Wait. I don't go on any! No aunt lives close enough to me. :o)

  4. That is awesome! We have only had one date night without Silas and I'm looking forward to the next (whenever it is). Was that Angela who took the kids? I need an sil like her!!!

  5. I sure appreciate your heart J.
    You bless me:-)

    I'm so thankful the Lord provides the extravagant things for us too - He surely doesn't need to!

    Please take my love to that Christmas party, and my hello's too.
    I am so grateful for the prayers of many of those beloved people!!



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