Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Such Is Life

It has been a while since I have had a few minutes to gather my thoughts and blog. As I sit here it is passed midnight but it was several hours ago when I decided to just touch base and write something. So... what has been going on to make me unable to blog lately?
Well, after Christmas, my aunt and her son came to visit for a few days. I love having them here. My aunt and I are very close and we really should be sisters. I call her son my nephew and he calls me his aunt. During and after they left, Daddy Reg's brothers who live four hours from here were up here with their wives. So, we spent a lot of time hanging out with them at his parents' house. Then, just as life was settling down, the computer crashed. We ended up loosing a lot of stuff. I am just so sad about it. I am thankful that the disks with our pictures on them work. But the disks that we had saved our documents on, didn't actually save like they said they had. After a few days watching my hero remove everything off the computer and reinstall everything - my man is awesome. I have been trying to find all my favorite links and rewrite a lot of school stuff. I am so glad that I participated in Weblink Wednesday last year and had many of the links I love posted here. And, Weblink Education has most of the other ones. Thank you Valerie for that! You are a blessing. :) Then, to make life more busy, Little G has had a fever since Friday and has been cranky and not sleeping. Today the nurse said that there is a nasty virus going around that starts with a fever and just gets worse from there. I am praying that is not what she caught and that she feels better very soon.
On a much brighter note-- This is National Delurking Week in the blogosphere and I would love to get to know you. This week I am making a point of commenting on blogs that I have not commented on. And, I am going to try harder to respond to comments, last year I was so bad at that and I really need to be better.
On that note, Little G is up again and I must tend to her.


  1. Is it really National Delurking Week?

    I came by to check on you, I haven't been taking the time to post in the last few weeks, still rejuvenating after our quick trip to California.

    Hope you are all well by the time you read this comment.

    And I am so sorry about the computer. Been there.

  2. Nat'l Delurking Wk has me cracking up.

    Losing a computer stinks. I've tried to move my favorites to an internet site (del.ici.ous) just so if that happens, I'll have back-ups.

    Sounds like you had wonderful time with your family over the holidays.

  3. I am so sorry about the computer. I am afraid of that happening to ours-I really need to back things up again.
    I hope your little one does not stay sick long and that the rest of you stay well. Ours have been sick on and off.
    Take care of yourself while you're caring for your little ones.
    (I had no idea it was National Delurking Week!)


  4. Isn't Delurking Week a cool idea? Oh the things people come up with. I read about it on a friend's blog.
    Thanks for all the sympathy about the computer. Daddy Reg was not happy that I hadn't been backing up so he told me he would get me a thumb drive so it would be easier to do. He is so good to me. :)
    Daisy, I might try to use del.ici.ous for a favorites site. I never thought about doing that at all. Thanks for the tip.


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