Monday, April 20, 2009

The Tree in my Yard

I have this beautiful tree in my backyard that I absolutely hate this week.

It was great on Easter and I loved it then. I hid countless eggs in it.

Then... it blossomed.

Isn't it beautiful?
The problem is that I am so totally allergic to it and am completely miserable right now.
And to top things off it is currently filled with an insane amount of bees.
So many that you can actually hear the tree.
Okay, maybe not the tree itself -
but it is buzzing and sounds like a motor humming away.
I know there has to be a hive close by, I am just hoping it isn't in the tree.


  1. Ahh... yes. Privet. I walked past a big grove of it the other day and held my breath! Zack was walking in front of me and I was hoping he wouldn't decide to brush up against it or whack it with the stick he was carrying! I'm invisioning pollen billowing up in plumes before me and

    I hear ya sister!

  2. Yeah, it is raining pollen in my backyard. And the kids are really careful to stay away from it. I can't wait until the flowers go away.

  3. Great Pictures Mommy Reg! Bad tree, bad tree! lol


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