Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I am watching my sister's kids today. I have been watching them a few days a week this summer. Meal times are multiplied by two around here when I have them. Here is a tower of PB&Js that I made today. That my friends is an entire loaf of bread and half a jar of peanut butter and a fourth of a jar of jelly.

When I have them I have eight kids ages 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 4, 2, & 2. My sister and I have been pregnant at the same time more than once. Meal times is when it is most evident that the house is full of kids. Each kid has a cup with there initial on it. (I use blue painters tape and a Sharpy.) Somehow none of the kids share a first initial.


  1. Wow! LOL I bet it's a fun day at your house though (And tiring)

  2. made me wonder: J N J E J C K L D M G E E T the only duplicates we have in our family are E's and J's...

  3. A lotta food and a lotta hard work...but it sure would be a lotta fun!!!

    Sheri, you have a BIG lotta kids?!

  4. Yes it is a lot of fun and so tiring. But the kids really enjoy playing together. Today they were throwing airplanes trying to make them fly over the ceiling fan or over my head. I was dodging them all day. Lots of fun.

    Sheri that's so funny. Only J's and E's?

  5. Just think it my family it was , D,D,D, and L. We always told mom she was the odd one out. lol. On top of it, the complete initials were, drf, drf, drf, ldf. So funny.

    How much man n cheese would it take for eight children?


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