Thursday, January 28, 2010

Getting Big

Little G is getting so big. She is starting to dress herself a bit, and is wanting to do things on her own more. Today, she "wrote" her name. It was so cute.

 We have these little paper cups that the kids use for their water cups. They put their letter on it and that is their cup for water. Usually a big person will write the letters on them with a Sharpie pen in the morning.
Tonight Little G came running into the room I was in with a little cup saying so proudly that she wrote her name. I looked at it and instantly thought where is the Sharpie now, and what else did she write on. But then I realized what she had done. She wrote her letter on her cup like the big kids usually do for her. She found a pen and did it all by herself like a big girl. She showed me the pen and it was put away nicely with no extra art work for me to clean up. I am so proud of her, she did get the elements of the G figured out though a bit sideways and backward but it is a great start.

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  1. yes I was so shocked at how big G was when I was over. It breaks my heart. We have got to spend more time together! Missing you.


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