Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oh So Busy

You know those weeks where you are so insanely busy and you never stop going but in the end you feel like you got nothing done? That has been this week, or rather the whole month has been like that so far. This week though has been filled with a lot of emotion and craziness. I kept saying to myself, "I am totally blogging this." and then the day would slip away faster than the wind.

Let's start with last Saturday when poor Little G seriously cut her finger while we were at an adoption party for some dear friends. She is a trooper though and hasn't let it slow her down. The moment we got home she decided to ride her bike. It is starting to heal nicely and we still have it in the splint for one more day to make sure it heals properly. The underside is seriously bruised. Poor thing.

Poor Thing

Playing Like Nothing Happened When She Got Home

On Tuesday in the midst of a crazy day, Daddy Reg and I managed to have a lunch date that didn't involve buying diapers or milk or anything like that. I had a cream cheese brownie for lunch. Dearest hubby was so much more sensible and had a black bean quiche egg pie. (Because we all know, real men don't eat quiche.)

This was so yummy, I had no problem calling it my lunch.

Daddy Reg is so much more sensible than me when chocolate is involved.

When shopping for a cookie scoop (that adventure could be a whole post on it's own but I'll spare you.) we found these cups. They are so cool! They look like coffee shop cups but they are a sturdy plastic with pink and brown "cozies" respectively. We now have matching cups. I love this cup. It is microwaveable (unlike my metal lidded cup) and dishwasher safe. Seriously my new favorite cup.

Then it didn't get any less busy. After searching long and hard for a new vehicle that we could afford, we finally found one and spent our income tax return on a new to us mini van. Our old one is being held together with duct tape (no kidding) and the cost of repairs it needs far exceeds the cost of the van, so we decided to not dump any more money into it and get a newer vehicle that isn't in desperate need of a sledge hammer or being shoved off a cliff major repairs. This new van is so awesome! It doesn't sputter and putt along blowing disgusting exhaust when you accelerate too fast. Seriously, our old van needs to go to the junk yard which is it's next home. Maybe someone can use some of the parts that work, like ummmm the rear view mirror.
We have never owned a vehicle less than a decade old. This one is only 9 years old.

We did not get as much school done this week as I had meticulously planed for us to do. We were supposed to finish assembling our Vancouver Olympic Lapbooks but only got as far as figuring out how many folders we needed to glue together and how to configure the books to make them all fit. That was as far as we got, so... that is now a weekend project because I am so done with this unit. :) However we did get in Home-Ec this week and baked some chocolate chip cookies from a recipe I never used before. (Because the one I wrote and love somehow got put in storage when we moved.) It was different but good but not as good as my own recipe. The kids like them and that is what counts.

I finally got a chance to head to CVS and do some couponing. This wasn't some super crazy week where I only spent $2 out of pocket or anything but I did get some great deals on some things we needed to stock up on.
My favorite deals in this picture include the cereal that broke down to .62 a box. And the Dawn came in at .49 each. The Pantene came in at $1.96 each for two larger bottles. The Bounty and Charmin I ended up paying $3.72 a piece. Where I live all of those are great deals so overall it was a good trip.

Hopefully next week and can blog my adventures one day at a time. :)

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