Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mr. Bug

This weekend, I was practicing my photography skills with the rose bushes in the back yard.

I really want to become consistent in my photography skills. Little G was hanging out beside me having fun being with Mommy. Then she spotted a bug and said, "Look! A bug Mommy. Take a picture." (She says that when she anything of interest.) So that's what I did. And became acquainted with Mr. Bug.

Hi Mr. Bug, how are you today? What kind of bug are you? hmmm I think I'll Google you later and find out.

Really, Mr. Bug, you have quit the face, do you consider yourself handsome? Or, are you considered plain among your kind? Really, I can't tell because to me you are just a bug. What kind of bug are you anyway? Hmmmmm 

Mr. Bug is my Sweet Shot this week.


  1. I definitely could not have gone on without knowing that was a False Blister beetle (At least the best of my reading ability I think that's what it said LOL)

    Great shots!

  2. It looks like one of those nasty tree bugs I despise so much! lol


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